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Anonymous asked
aaaa I adore your sushi dogs <333 I especially love their stubby legs ;o; so cute !!

Aw geez, thank you! <3

Anonymous asked
redscoots on tumblr must hate you or something they keep posting about you on the drama blog

Yeah I know this person, their dA is captainhomo and they block-evaded using an alternate account called possumparty to leave angry comments on my shizzzz. #angstychildren2k14

pestilos asked
heyyy uhm random... question... would you ever do a sushi dog trade for like... regular art?

If I show interest in the person’s art then maybe

But right now I want to focus on other things besides trades

I made some free to use red panda icons &#8212; download them here!

I made some free to use red panda icons — download them here!

Anonymous asked
Forgive me if I'm wrong, but sushi dogs seem to go way beyond "dogs with food" .. There's monster-lookin ones, aquatic ones, etc. Is that a part of your copyright? It seems really broad and vague if that's the case.. Or are you just trademarking the name? I don't mean to offend I'm just honestly curious and not sure how this works ;u;

Great question! Trademarking simply means owning the rights to the name/brand. In this case, I am trademarking the brand Sushi Dogs, and it covers any designs or merchandise that I release under the name Sushi Dogs. So it doesn’t necessarily matter if they are food themed or not you see, as long as they carry the brand name. Trademark can be really confusing, but I hope that makes a bit of sense! :3

Edit: Not all Pokemon are Pikachu, but all Pikachu are Pokemon.” -much-ado-about-mothing. That’s a perfect analogy. :D

Many people are commenting on my journal regarding my decision to trademark Sushi Dogs, saying it is just a craze and nobody will care about me/my art in a few years, and that trying to start my own business is a waste.

To be honest, I’m glad people are leaving comments like those, because I am very well aware of the reality that is the art industry and how hard it is to make it. These people’s comments actually fuel my desire to go through with this even more. I am not even concerned with the end goal so much as I am excited for the chance to grow and learn as both an artist who is taking the steps to achieve their goals.

If anything, I hope this can inspire my watchers to not be afraid of chasing their dreams and doing what makes them happy. :)

Anonymous asked
hi witch, random anon here, but is it just me or do meowstiic's 'cafe dogs' resemble sooshes quite a deal? Here's her description of them- 'Cafe dogs represent many different kinds of foods and drinks. They grow certain foods or drinks from their tails.' I just thought you should know, as they sound a BIT too similar <3 btw i love your art <3

Ehh idc, I don’t get involved in this stuff. The only time I’m concerned is if someone is directly copying designs that I’ve made for myself or others.

Anonymous asked
aa, i watched your livestream last night, can i just say it was amazing and you are so talented. sushi dogs are amazing and i wish you the best of luck with the species in the future. i can't wait till your customs reopen <3

Thank you so very much ;D They’ll be open again soon <3

what&#8230;what have i done&#8230;..

what…what have i done…..

pixels r fun